Office Plus Breakroom Supplies

Need a snack? Water? Coffee? Wait! Don’t leave the office!

We offer the best of the best in snacks, beverages, plus a variety of food and beverage supplies. If you have a particular craving, then you will find satisfaction from the following items at Office Plus:

  • Food: pretzels, chips, peanuts, candy, gum, popcorn, granola bars
  • Beverages: soda, coffee, tea, bottled water, Emergen-C, Crystal Light, Gatorade
  • Food Service Supplies: plates, cutlery, toothpicks, table liners, condiment caddies
  • Beverage Supplies: beverage sticks, cups, carafes, coffee makers

At Office Plus we have what you need to cater to your employees and clients alike. From small office meetings to large-scale events, we have the supplies to keep everyone’s hunger and thirst satisfied, while keeping them in the office.

Appeasing Appliances

Look no further—you can find the highest quality appliances for your office breakroom with one stop shopping at Office Plus. We have everything! Refrigerators for keep your food fresh plus microwaves and toaster ovens for cooking your lunch or mid-afternoon nosh.

COFFEE! Don’t forget to provide your employees with the ultimate source of sustenance. We partner with Keurig and have small, medium and large Green Mountain Coffee Brewers in stock! Each employee can brew his or her favorite blend to their own desired temperature.

Do you still prefer ye olde BUNN-o-matic? We also stock these brewers and the pot warmers, so that you can brew multiple pots of aromatic java!

“Get Joe… AGAIN!”

Genuine Joe has a plethora of paper goods that will keep your breakroom well stocked. Plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, paper towels, table covers, and more. Get Joe to get you the very best in necessary breakroom paraphernalia!

Feed your office today! Caffeine and snacks are on the way! Contact us at1-800-452-3139 or shop now at

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